PSU Summer Camps


Tot Footy Summer Camp

A daily summer camp option created for kids ages 2-5. The Tot Footy Summer Camp centers around building a relationship with the ball, the new friends in your group and having maximum fun! All of this while learning the most basic fundamentals of the sport through games that are exciting, and challenging at the same time. 

PSU Soccer Day Camp


PSU Summer Camp is built around having maximum fun while developing as a soccer player and athlete in general. It provides players with an experience to meet kids from all over Brooklyn, while playing games and scrimmages with world class coaches. 

PSU Summer Camp is the place to be for any kid in Brooklyn during the summer months. Join the hundreds of players weekly that come out and experience one of the best sports camps experiences anywhere! Centrally located, easy to get to, and with tons of options on how to package your summer camp weeks - DON’T MISS OUT ON SUMMER’S BEST SPORTS CAMP!


PSU Elite Camp

Where The Best Come To Train In The Offseason

PSU Elite Camp is where the best players around Brooklyn come to train during their offseason. Our world class and professionally licensed coaches work with players to develop into elite soccer players via the unique Park Slope United environment. The Elite Camp will provide players ample opportunity to apply the skills and tactics learned during their training sessions into real games. 

Come train with the best!

Make sure to check out our Pro ID and Sponsored Camps pages to see what specialized camps we have coming up as well. With these highly competitive and specialized camps, you will get to train with some of the best players in Brooklyn while learning from coaches from clubs in professional leagues throughout the soccer world.