After studying the way in which Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona and Bayern Munich teams played, Executive Director Nathan Bell developed a revolutionary model that distills the “every-touch habits'' of the best players in the world into a coaching model designed for all ages and skill levels. After spending time in Europe, learning from the top clubs including Dinamo Zagreb and others, Nate decided that this revolutionary style of coaching was able to be replicated in the community focused parts of New York City. 

These “atoms of the game” are taught to all PSU players as “every-touch habits,” with the goal that all players in the club have incorporated these habits into their game by the time they begin playing 11v11 at U13. This model allows for players of all ages and skills to enter the club. Their journey as a young athlete and professional, learning and competing in the same drills that made the world’s greatest soccer players, is made holistic by the focus that the club has on community, integrity and excellence - the ethos of PSU. Players do not only learn the skills and work ethic required to be on the greats, but also the off-the-field excellence and integrity that is required to truly be a professional at any level.   

PSU (Park Slope United) soccer league at Long Meadow in Prospect Park Brooklyn NYC.