Basketball Leagues in NYC

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TOT Hoopy

Our Tot Hoopy program provides our youngest Hoopers (ages 2-5) the earliest opportunity to build fundamental basketball techniques through fun and imaginative games originated here at PSU. While our Hoopers improve their coordination and movement, they also get to meet their future PSU teammates and cultivate their love for the game.


The Roots Program at PSU Hoops teaches the game to Hoopers of all levels and ages 6-13. Our professionally trained coaching staff help Hoopers lay the groundwork for their games via four dynamic environments: Clinic, League, Streetroots, and Lab.

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For players looking to get team experience and begin playing in games regularly. Get one practice session, and one game per week playing against your teammates with coaching from our experienced coaches. Ages 6-13

If you have a child in Brooklyn who is interested in a specific sport should have opportunities to learn about that sport and grow in the talent that they have when it comes to playing that sport.


Whether you are looking to get your child in Brooklyn enrolled in soccer camp in NYC or you are looking to get your child into youth basketball program, you should figure out the best options for helping your child learn about the sport that they love. We offer basketball camps and basketball leagues so that your basketball fan can grow in their love for and knowledge of the sport.


Brooklyn, NY children start to learn about basketball when they are still very young, and Park Slope United HOOPS offer youth basketball opportunities for Brooklyn children who have not even started school yet. We have a toddler basketball program - Tot HOOPS - that can help your little one learn about basketball and how the game is played. We know that even young children can enjoy playing basketball, and we make our toddler basketball program both fun and educational. If you are looking for a summer basketball camp that is appropriate for your little one, consider our Tot HOOPS program.

For Hoopers over 13 years old, please contact to see what the Roots program can do for you.