Long term player and personal development is the main priority of the Park Slope United.  For the Club, the Teams and its Players to achieve their long term goals, we have set forth a standard of values for our program that all participants are expected to subscribe to.  

What Park Slope United expects of its Players .....

  • A personal commitment to become the very best soccer player you can be, given your ability.
  • A personal commitment to demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the playing field and to represent the program with high integrity. 
  • A personal commitment to achieve academic success in the classroom to the best of your abilities.
  • A personal commitment to give back to your community and to support the Club in its efforts to do the same. 
  • A personal commitment to treat all players in the Park Slope United program and all members of the coaching staff with respect.
  • A personal commitment to respect and honor my coaches’ instructions at all times.
  • Attend all mandatory team practices or make up the missed practice at PSU practice that week

What you can expect as a member of Park Slope United ....

  • An opportunity to participate in a professional, educational soccer environment.
  • A commitment to provide the best opportunities for our players to advance to the next level (Olympic Development Program, Regional competition, National competition and Collegiate competition).
  • Consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction and training by Park Slope United coaches
  • A commitment from all coaches to communicate with all players and parents in a professional, honest and respectful manner at all times.
  • Playing all players at least 30% of all available minutes in the league each season (as long as the players are meeting their expectations)

What Park Slope United expects of its Parents ……

  • Support the Club and the Team to achieve its long term goals.
  • Encourage and promote good sportsmanship and team work.
  • Communicate in an open, respectful and productive manner with the Club and its coaching staff.
  • Never make any negative comments about a player, including your own.
  • Never coach players from the sidelines during a game, including your own.
  • Never speak to any officials before, during or after a game.
  • Let coach know in advance (at least four days before the game) if a player cannot make it to a game
  • Let coach know in advance if a player cannot attend practice to that the coach can plan their session
  • Before communicating with club leadership about any team issue, speak with those involved (other parents, coach) to build alliance and understand other person's point of view


- Players' spots in all classes and teams are at the discretion of the club. If any player is removed from a class or team before the end of the commitment, a partial refund will be offered to the family. 

- There is no tolerance for disrespectful behavior from players towards, coaches, other players, the referees, or parents. This behavior will be addressed, and if it does not improve, the player will be removed from the club.

- Parents must support their kids at practice and at games by cheering, but never coaching the players on the field. Parents must never display disrespectful behavior towards coaches, referees, other parents, or players. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the removal of their child from the club.

- All refunds are given in the form of a credit that be applied to any PSU program for a calendar year. For example, if summer plans change and a kid can no longer attend the week of camp for which they are registered, they'll receive a credit that can applied to a PSU program through the following summer.

- For individual class (tot/dev) policies, please visit each programs unique page