PSU's Newest CO-ED Program - The developmental league - gives players ages 5 and up their first game experience

Park Slope United's Developmental League is designed to provide players with a fun and safe league to play their first games, while continuing to learn from our professional coaching staff. This program is a Co-Ed program and is an excellent pathway for players to get real game experience, while getting to continue to play with good friends and learn from their favorite coaches. 

This league grew out of a desire to provide the maximum development to players ages 5 and up in our Developmental Program. Each team is led by one of the professional PSU coaches, who also coach in our Travel Program and our Developmental Classes. The focus at this age is on being empowered to try moves, gain confidence dribbling the ball and seeing the opportunities to be creative. 

We believe that it is important that kids at these ages get the consistency of playing with players they know, but at a more competitive level vs. the weekly training received during Developmental Program classes. The Developmental League is also open to players who have not previously participated with PSU. Ideally, players participate in our Developmental Classes where they learn the fundamentals of the game, and then try out what they are learning each week in our Developmental league. 



Developmental Program (Boys and Girls Developmental Classes and Developmental League)

- Sign up for 2 or more Developmental Program registrations (class and/or league) and receive a $100 discount on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc
- $50 Sibling Discount within program


Check out the highlights below from our Developmental League and sign up below.