Nico Carney

Travel Head Coach

Nico Carney began playing soccer in their hometown of Savannah, Georgia. They played for a nationally ranked club team in Charleston, South Carolina and was named the All-Greater Savannah Girls Soccer Player of the Year during their junior and senior years of high school.

After high school, Carney played for Wake Forest University as a four year starter. The team made it to the Round of 16 of the NCAA Division 1 Women’s College Soccer Tournament during their junior and senior seasons.

Carney coached youth teams with FC Fusion in Winston Salem, North Carolina alongside their college teammates and coaches as well as trained elite high school players to prepare for college recruiting.

Carney has had a huge passion for soccer from a young age and loves to inspire young people to feel empowered through the game. Carney’s coaching priorities are fostering environments for personal development, growing strong friendships, promoting inclusion, and learning skills for on and off the field.