Kempy Johnson

General Manager

Kempy, a soccer enthusiast, has been kicking a soccer ball from the very tender age of 4 yrs old. He has an infectious joy for the game of soccer and for coaching and mentoring soccer players.

At 19 years old Kempy started playing Pro football for one of Jamaica’s Premier teams, August town FC. Playing alongside the ranks of former popular Jamaican/ DC United striker Fabian Dawkins. This was where he started learning a new dimension to the game from the older professional players. Kempy also played College Soccer in Jamaica and was monitored by several American university soccer programs, such as the University of Maryland. Unfortunately, during that period he suffered severe injuries to both his thigh and ankle.

Although Kempy feels that he underachieved playing-wise, he boasts about the fact that his younger brother has made it to the pro level. His brother Jason ‘JJ’ Johnson was drafted in the 2013 MLS draft by the Houston Dynamo. Kempy describes JJ as “the most gifted individual I know, not only soccer but generally, his will to be the best of whatever he does is unmatched.”

Kempy has made a smooth transition from player to the facilitator. Due to his people skills and his lovable personality, he is great at inspiring and imparting his knowledge to the players. He goes by the popular phrase “you are never too old to learn something new, whether it be from Jose Mourinho, Coach Nate or the little kids I coach.”