Eduardo Perez Moran

Director of Coaching & Methodology

A native of Madrid, Eduardo Perez Moran brings an unparalleled wealth and quality of football expertise to Brooklyn United Academy. After a successful career playing professionally across Spain, Moran moved directly into a coaching, training, and managing role.

Moran’s managerial career has taken him across the globe and placed him on the pitch with some of football’s most legendary players. From managing in La Liga and the Champions League, to building academies and coaching the national team of Indonesia, his accumulated experience at the highest levels of the professional game have helped shape his unique approach and inform his world-class player development and game model.

Moran’s work ethic is unmatched, and his love of the game and passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge is what drives him. When the opportunity presented itself to become the Director of Coaching and Methodology at Brooklyn United, he jumped at the chance to move to the greatest city in the world to help raise the profile of play and contribute to building the best youth academy in NYC. 

DOC Edu currently holds a UEFA PRO license (the highest attainable coaching license possible) and is one of the very few people in the world qualified to teach and mentor professional coaches that are already coaching at the highest levels. It is his hope that he can help others grow not only in their love and appreciation for the game, but also in their quality as human beings.

DOC Edu resides in Brooklyn with his wife Montse, son Guillem, and daughter Martina.