Boys Soccer Programs in NYC

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Providing a fun and competitive environment for PSU players to learn and develop as a team. Equal to the level of many travel programs, but without the larger commitments that travel soccer can bring.


Soccer Lab

Specialized and individualized training designed to take players to the next level.

Travel Program

Brooklyn’s fastest-growing and premier Travel Soccer Program. Join the hundreds of young soccer stars in our community and compete at the highest level. See if you have what it takes to be a PSU Travel Player!

Park Slope United (PSU) 2019 travel players compete in the Mixed-Age Pickup Championship on November 22, 2019 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Have you hunted for soccer programs for boys in Brooklyn or NYC? Park Slope United offers a number of youth soccer programs for boys this summer. Most of these programs continue throughout the year on an ongoing enrollment basis. Coaches include both full-time soccer players and trained educators.

Children as young as toddlers gain an introduction to the sport of soccer through the wide variety of sports programs offered through Park Slope United. Discover an unbelievable variety of soccer-related classes and developmental labs in the Brooklyn and greater NYC area!