About PSU Hoops

coach peter


Welcome to PSU Hoops!

If you’re new to PSU, welcome to the largest sports family in Brooklyn! Here, you are free to grow your love for the game, thrive, and succeed!

In seven quick years, we’ve shown that teaching soccer the right way can set a player up for success on and off the field. As we enter a new decade, we are excited to announce that PSU will be stepping foot onto the hardwood, bringing along the values that have forged our path since Day 1 — Community, Integrity, and Excellence. 

We hope you will be there to join us in this new adventure! The PSU philosophy has been adapted to develop our brand new Hoops curriculum. We’ve also brought on coaches who are able to create incredible learning environments. Our new Hoopers will be taught how to see the game and make decisions efficiently, while developing chemistry and teamwork with one another.    

Above all, we’ll be here for our new Hoopers as they grow as athletes and ambassadors from Brooklyn, New York City. 

Lastly, thank you to Executive Director, Nate Bell, for believing that having PSU Hoops would do right by the community. I’m personally grateful for the trust, support, and mentorship I have received from Nate, James, Kempy, Sambie, and the rest of the crew everyday.

On three, UNITED! 1… 2… 3…

See you in January!

Coach Pete